Company / Corporate Governance

Pan American Silver is committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, ethics and transparency in the way we conduct our business. Achieving these high standards requires commitment and dedication from each and every one of our directors, officers, and employees and we believe we have this commitment.

Pan American has adopted a number of policies and guidelines that impart the way its directors, officers and employees are expected to conduct themselves and which reflect the moral principles and values underlying our business. Our Code of Ethical Conduct is the foundational expression of these principles and values. Other policies, such as our Global Anti-Corruption Policy which articulates our commitment to combating bribery, the giving of inappropriate gifts and entertainment and other corrupt practices, set out a more detailed framework of rules within which we operate.

We also strive to minimize the impacts our operations have on the environment, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees and contractors, and to conserve both human and environmental resources for future generations.

Corporate responsibility is an evolving challenge for all enterprises. As such, our operating subsidiaries have been mandated to continue to improve management systems, policies, programs and practices. We expect the results will be responsible financial reporting and field operations conducted in a safe, environmentally sound and locally acceptable manner.