Pan American Silver is committed to conducting business honestly and ethically everywhere we operate.  We strive to deal with everyone fairly and openly and our managers, employees and contractors have committed to conform to the spirit and the letter of the laws that govern us. We value our reputation and the trust and confidence placed in us by our stakeholders. 

We believe that our success is primarily due to the unique blend of skills and experience of our team, who work with us every day to create a sustainable future. For that reason we hold the safety of our workers, the well-being of the environment, and the connections we share with our communities as core values of our business model. With this management approach we have successfully developed long-lasting partnerships with our valued stakeholders, investors, and local communities, allowing us to enhance the sustainability of our business year after year.

Pan American Silver’s stakeholder groups range from our employees and contractors to the local communities that host our operating mines and projects, to regional and national populations, government agencies, suppliers, contractors and consultants, non-government organizations, industry groups, and the investors in our company.  We have a decentralized approach to stakeholder engagement due to our belief that effective dialogue is best achieved when the cultural context of each stakeholder group is understood and respected.  The following are key elements of our communication strategy with our local, national, and international stakeholders:

  • Our environmental, social, and legal staff at each operating jurisdiction, are in regular contact with local and regional governments in order to maintain compliance with reporting requirements and keep abreast of changing expectations regarding our sustainability performance. 
  • We maintain constant dialogue with local non-government organizations and in some cases partner with NGOs in our social and community programs. 
  • We participate directly in industry associations in all the countries where we operate and our managers hold governance positions in several industry groups. 
  • We have an open and fluid dialogue with our investors through direct communication with larger shareholders and quarterly conference calls that are accessible to all investors and the general public.
  • We also gauge our sustainability performance through third party research organization reports, as well as Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) rankings.

This wealth of information and feedback allows us to design and optimize our sustainability strategy at each level in our business.

Corporate responsibility is an evolving challenge for all enterprises. As such, our operating subsidiaries have been mandated to continue to improve management systems, policies, programs and practices. This process will continue to strengthen our business and ensure our field operations are conducted in a safe, environmentally sound and locally acceptable manner.