Community Engagement

Pan American Silver is committed to operating responsibly and creating value in each community where we operate. We maintain offices with knowledgeable staff in each of these communities to allow residents to ask questions and find out more about our operations. A strong local presence also ensures that we are better able to understand and adequately address community issues and priorities.

Pan American values the individuality of each community where we operate. Our approach to community relations is based on the same universal principles of respect for the local cultures and the long-term sustainability of our host communities. We support programs that are born out of the feedback provided by each of our local offices and are mainly focused in the areas of Health, Nutrition, Education, Infrastructure and Alternative Economic Development.

CANADA – Head Office

In Vancouver, BC, home of our Corporate Office, Pan American Silver supports several local charitable and community development initiatives. Pan American’s support takes the form of direct involvement by our employees, individual employee contributions and matching contributions by Pan American, and one-time financial contributions by the Company.

Each initiative or charitable association is carefully considered on an individual basis by an evaluation committee entrusted with the task of assigning resources and funds based on the merits of each program or event and their relevance to Pan American’s mission and values.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy