Pan American Silver operates two mines in Perú.

  • The Huaron mine is located in the central Andean region of Peru, in the department of Pasco, at an elevation of between 4,250 and 4,850 metres above sea level
  • The Morococha mine is located in the central Andean region of Peru, in the department of Junin, at over 4,550 meters above sea level

Pan American Silver was one of the first mining companies in Perú to establish a Social Responsibility function within its local management team, with the intention of improving the numerous community development initiatives already in place and better communicating the results of said initiatives to the local communities and the general public.

UQULLU-Alpaca de los Andes

UQLLU is the brand of a unique Social Responsibility enterprise that started 10 years ago as Alpaca de los Andes and is part of our far-reaching CSR program. Fifty artisan women from communities near our Peruvian mines are provided with the equipment, tools, supplies, training, support and safe work environment needed to create woven handmade goods made from the finest Alpaca fibers. Artisans receive a fair price for their creations, far above those of the local competitors, thus providing an income for their families and benefiting their communities.

This year was UQLLU’s second year of promotion in North America and our efforts are starting to pay off. The brand participated in a fair in New York and 6 local fairs in Vancouver. The program in North America, led by Creative Director and Designer, Giovanni Amenta, included a media campaign in 2013 with excellent results that were reflected in record annual sales.

In 2014, the objective is to increase sales and incorporate more artisans to the team, building the foundations for long-term economic and social sustainability. A Canadian promotion campaign and the brand participation in different fairs in Canada are also scheduled for this year.


In 2007, the Company created the Pan American Silver Association (Perú), a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing and managing development projects in our host communities and in the areas of influence of our operations. The Association’s programs include:


At Morococha, Pan American Silver has implemented several initiatives with the intention to create a preventative culture of among the population. To this end, the Company has teamed up with several local and regional institutions to improve pediatric health, to extend health services to senior members of the community, to provide oral care, to improve oral hygiene, to reduce the incidence of oral and digestive health issues among children and to provide access to vaccination against seasonal influenza and other diseases. In 2013, the health programs also focused on women’s health. Three hundred and fifty local women participated in cancer screening campaigns and treatment was arranged for 4 women post screening.

Nutrition-Native Potatoes Project

The Native Potatoes Project started two years ago in partnership with Caritas del Peru NGO, with the idea to help 140 families living under the poverty line in the small town of San Francisco de Mosca, in the Pasco region, where our Huaron mine is located. The area was historically renowned for the quality and variety of native potatoes produced there.

In the past 10 years, Peru has undergone a “culinary revolution”, putting Lima in the spotlight and raising the profile of Peruvian Cuisine on the international stage. This phenomenon has greatly increased the need for local produce, such as ingredients included in traditional recipes many of which are produced in the Andean communities. The Potato Project was designed to leverage this demand and help members of the San Francisco de Mosca community to improve the quality and quantity of their local produce.

The project has proven successful so far and in 2013 it advanced with training in farming techniques, marketing and brand development. Pan American Silver’s involvement in the project is scheduled to end in 2014 after providing members of the San Francisco de Mosca community with a sustainable business that can continue to grow in the future for the long-term benefit of future generations.

Morococha Relocation

Mining is one of the founding activities of the town of Morococha, and over time its inhabitants have thrived on it. Chinalco’s Toromocho copper project, adjacent to our Morococha mine, has been in the process of building a large mine that required the relocation of the town of Morococha. In 2013, Pan American Silver worked closely with Chinalco and the community of Morococha to ensure the successful relocation of many of its workers and their families. The process has been extremely successful with over 280 new homes constructed at a nearby site, forming the new community of Carhuacoto.


Pan American understands that education is one of the pillars of sustained progress and development. To raise education levels in the communities where we operate, the Company provides financial and logistical support to primary and secondary schools, scholarships for skills development and vocational training for high school students, internships and technical careers for post-secondary students, and several job-related training programs for employees.

At Huaron, Pan American supported the creation of the first technical centre dedicated to mining activities to provide young adults in the nearby community of Huayllay to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the mining industry.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2013 – Certification for Labour Competencies
  • 2010 – Sustainable Development Award by the National Chamber of Mining, Petroleum and Energy