Our strategy of environmental stewardship acknowledges not only the intrinsic and ethical importance of sustainable development, but also the real tangible value that responsible mining brings to our existing and future stakeholders. Our experience has shown that creating value through sustainable development also allows us to attract the best professionals in the industry and find creative ways to reduce our operating and project costs. This strategy is an evolving platform that includes taking a precautionary approach in mine design and making adjustments based on monitoring the results of our environmental procedures and controls, and the feedback from employees, local communities, governments, and nongovernment organizations.

 We recognize that while mining can impact negatively on our environment and natural resources unless managed responsibly, the products of our business also assist global society in its transition to a sustainable future. Metals such as the silver, gold, copper, zinc and lead from our mines are key components in renewable energy systems and clean technologies.

 We implement best practice environmental management at all our operations and projects, ensuring compliance with local, national and international standards.  Our teams focus on environmental monitoring, tailings dam safety, water conservation, energy efficiency, and mine closure planning to ensure that we continually improve our overall environmental performance.

*Closure costs reported as discounted Closure and Decommissioning Liability. Note that prior Sustainability Reports have reported undiscounted closure costs.

*GHG emission factors from Environment Canada for fuels and The Greenhouse Gas Protocol for grid electricity. Grid electricity emission factors used in 2014 are different from those used in prior Sustainability Reports.