Pan American’s success depends on the success of its people. In the mining industry, this means creating a safe and productive work environment, where our employees are motivated and engaged in the continuous activities of exploring, developing, and operating our mines.

At Pan American Silver, our goal is to ensure a safe, efficient and productive workplace. We provide fair and competitive wages, ensuring that work and camp conditions provide our workers with the food, rest, and recreation that our employees need.

Our employees face unique conditions at each of our mines. Many of our workers come from communities surrounding the sites, and are therefore accustomed to the effects of altitude and weather conditions, while others come from farther away, or even from other countries, requiring them to adapt to new challenges and conditions.

We embrace the diversity of our workforce and the communities where we operate. Through our policies and practices, we focus on promoting participation of diverse groups in our consultation processes, providing opportunities to work with us as employees, contractors or suppliers, or participate in our numerous social programs.

It is not easy to build a project or operating team in the mining industry today. However, Pan American has met this challenge, and continues to build effective project and mine operating teams. In the future, we expect our success will depend on finding the right talent; providing opportunities for the members of our communities; providing fair, competitive and motivating compensation and benefits; and working across diverse cultures.