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Founded in 1994, Pan American has grown to be the second largest primary silver mining company in the world.


Manejó el impacto de la pandemia COVID-19 y las restricciones gubernamentales relacionadas, que requirieron la transición temporal de la mayoría de nuestras minas a cuidado y mantenimiento. Montos totalmente reembolsados ​​en nuestra línea de crédito corporativa. Duplicó el dividendo trimestral. Informó una estimación de recursos minerales inferidos para el descubrimiento de skarn de La Colorada. Se convirtió en firmante en el Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas.


Completó la adquisición de Tahoe Resources Inc., agregando las minas Shahuindo, La Arena, Timmins West y Bell Creek a la cartera, así como la mina Escobal (actualmente suspendida).


Made a major exploration discovery at the La Colorada mine. Announced the proposed acquisition of Tahoe Resources Inc. Substantially completed active reclamation at the Alamo Dorado site.


Completed the acquisition of the Joaquin and COSE projects in Santa Cruz, Argentina. Completed the La Colorada and Dolores mine expansion projects. Acquired an interest in New Pacific Metals Corp., providing exposure to the Silver Sand project in Bolivia. Concluded mining at Alamo Dorado and transitioned the mine into the reclamation phase.


Completed the divestiture of 13 non-core royalties, streams and payment agreements to Maverix Metals Inc. in exchange for shares and warrants in Maverix. Sold 75% of our interest in the Shalipayco project in Peru to Votorantim Metais –Cajamarquilla S.A., retaining a free carried interest of our remaining 25% to commercial production.


Approved the expansion of the Dolores mine.


Completed a preliminary economic assessment for the construction of a pulp agglomeration plant and underground mine at Dolores. 


Completed preliminary economic assessment and approved the expansion of the La Colorada mine. 


Acquired Minefinders Corporation Ltd. and its flagship Dolores mine in Mexico. Divested the Quiruvilca mine. 


Filed a preliminary economic assessment for the Navidad Project.


Completed the acquisition of Aquiline Resources. Began paying a cash dividend.


Launched a friendly offer to acquire Aquiline Resources Inc. and its Navidad project in Argentina. Published Pan American’s first Sustainability Report.


Commenced production at Manantial Espejo. Substantially completed expansion of San Vicente mine.


Increased interest in San Vicente to 95% and commenced mine expansion. Advanced Manantial Espejo’s construction.


Completed construction of Alamo Dorado and increased ownership of Manantial Espejo to 100%.


Commenced construction on the Alamo Dorado mine and completed feasibility study on the Manantial Espejo project.


Acquired the Morococha mine in Peru.


Acquired the Alamo Dorado project in Mexico. 


Acquired a 50% interest in the Manantial Espejo project in Argentina.


Acquired the Huaron mine in Peru. 


Entered into a joint venture agreement with Bolivian state mining company, Comibol, to earn a 100% interest in the San Vicente mine in Bolivia. 


Acquired the La Colorada mine in Mexico.


Acquired first producing mine, Quiruvilca, in Peru and listed on Nasdaq.


Ross Beaty founded the company, taking over Pan American Minerals, a TSX listed company.