Sustainability is the integration of environmental, economic and social principles in development to ensure that present needs can be met without compromising the needs of future generations.

Sustainability has been a guiding influence for Pan American since 1994, before the concept was formalized into internationally recognized guidelines and standards. We understood early that our future success depended on proactively integrating environmental and social values into our business model and corporate culture. Starting from a single mine in Peru, we have evolved into a responsible silver producer with seven mines and an exceptional portfolio of mineral projects in the Americas. We are proud of the role we play in sharing the economic and social benefits of silver mining with our employees, local communities, shareholders and other stakeholders.

For the past six years, we have released annual Sustainability Reports to disclose our sustainability strategy and performance to a broad audience of stakeholders. We recognize the need to be transparent about the impacts of our operating activities and the outcomes of our sustainability programs.

In recent years, we recognized the need to develop a formal framework to integrate our sustainability principles and policies throughout our business. We designed and implemented a new stakeholder engagement process to identify the issues of greatest importance to our communities of interest. The responses were translated into a materiality assessment that allows us to better define our sustainability goals and priorities.

The assessment confirmed that occupational health and safety is a top priority for our employees and contractors. We learned that competitive salaries matter to people everywhere, along with non-discriminatory practices in the workplace. The environment and community development have always been important concerns, but consultation has pinpointed specific aspects that will help us be more responsive to communities affected by our operations.

Stakeholder feedback has allowed us to design and optimize our sustainability strategy to support our business goals, manage and mitigate impacts and risks, and maintain a balance between economic success, environmental protection and social responsibility.