Pan American is dedicated to operating mines and developing projects in an environmentally responsible manner. To fulfil this pledge we have adopted a management system to guide environmental planning and performance, assembled in-house environmental expertise, and developed comprehensive strategies to manage and mitigate the impacts of our activities.

Our Environmental Policy sets the direction for how we address environmental issues throughout the mine life cycle. The foundation of our environmental strategy is the use of best practices, such as environmental baseline studies, mine audits and closure planning. Best practices in our industry are not static and evolve through a process of continuous improvement.

Stakeholder consultation has shown that environmental issues — notably biodiversity, water and waste management, air quality and energy use — are important to our employees and communities of interest. They are important to us as well, and this section of the report will discuss how we are addressing these and other environmental concerns to ensure our reputation as a safe and responsible operator.

Pan American is proud to produce silver and other metals that generate value and social and environmental benefits for society. We also recognize that the mining and processing of minerals inevitably has positive and negative effects on the local environment and nearby communities.

We have a responsibility to minimize and mitigate the impacts of mining and maximize the restoration of land during progressive and final mine closure. We manage this process at our seven mines, each with its own unique environment, through all stages of the mine life cycle.

To learn more about our environmental management, including water stewardship, energy efficiency, biodiversity, mine closure planning, and tailings management facilities, please visit our 2016 Sustainability Report.