Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors and communities is our top priority and a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. We have worked to integrate a culture of safety at each of our mines and projects through safety and leadership training and the implementation of safety policies and procedures. Our performance has improved continuously over the years and we are proud of our reputation as a safe and responsible operator.

Our employees, contractors and other stakeholders overwhelmingly identified occupational health and safety as the most significant material issue for 2015. Pan American has developed a Health and Safety Policy to protect the health and safety of employees and contractors at its operating mines and active development projects.

Our initiatives include a commitment to conduct increased amounts of training to strengthen our front-line supervisory capacity and improve our overall safety performance. We also made changes to safety protocols and audits so that standards and criteria are more consistent from mine to mine.

At our mature underground mines, we are improving our safety performance by continuing our efforts towards increased mechanization and implementing modern mining methods and ground support systems.

We have worked hard to improve our emergency response capacity and are very proud and thankful for all of the dedicated employees who volunteer to be a part of the mine rescue and first aid teams at our operations.

To learn more about our commitments to occupational health and safety, please visit out 2016 Sustainability Report.