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Health & Safety / Salud y seguridad

Health & Safety

Mining, by its nature, has potential hazards that must be carefully managed. On a daily basis, mine workers may be engaged in drilling and blasting rock, operating heavy machinery, handling explosives and chemicals, working with high voltage electricity, working at heights, working with high temperature materials, as well as carrying out other complex and potentially dangerous tasks. Over the years, the mining industry has significantly reduced its overall injury rates through the application of technology, automation, and improved critical controls and procedures. However, when injuries do occur, they tend to be serious. The expectation is for companies to continue to adopt best practices to minimize risk and keep workers safe.

Pan American Silver is deeply committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, suppliers, and community partners. Operating safely is our moral imperative. We believe that operating safe mines and building a culture of safety are directly related to our operational success and our ability to create long-term value for our COIs and society.

Human Capital Development / Desarrollo del capital humano

Human Capital Development

An engaged, skilled, and stable workforce is key to any organization’s success. In the mining industry, competition for skilled workers can make it challenging to recruit and retain a productive workforce. The remoteness of mine sites, local demographics, and cultural traditions can limit the available labour pool. Moreover, increasing automation and the adoption of new technologies is changing the nature of certain jobs and, in turn, the skill sets required to do those jobs. Mining companies must anticipate what skills will be required in their future workforce and make appropriate investments in training and development.

At Pan American Silver, we know that our people are critical to our success. We want to be an employer of choice and one that creates value for our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. This means we have to attract qualified individuals and invest in our employees throughout their careers. As the Company grows and the industry innovates, we will also have to focus on upgrading employees’ skills, building bigger pools of skilled workers, and accessing new sources of talent.

Inclusion & Diversity / Inclusión y diversidad

Inclusion & Diversity

There is a growing recognition that a diverse company is a stronger company, and that this diversity can contribute to stronger corporate performance. In the mining industry, however, certain groups, such as women and Indigenous Peoples, have been historically underrepresented. Diversity has been increasingly a focus for investors, governments, civil society, and a new generation of workers. The industry is being challenged to increase diversity and address conditions that have created long-standing barriers to the hiring and retention of diverse groups.

Inclusion and diversity are critical to Pan American Silver’s long-term success. We operate mines across the Americas in areas with different cultures, languages, and values. We want our workforce to represent the diversity of the communities in which we operate. We know that having a wide array of experience, knowledge, background, culture, and heritage can lead to innovation, better operations, and improved relationships with communities and other COIs. That is why inclusion and diversity are key components of our human capital strategy. We believe that by building an inclusive organizational culture that sees diversity as the norm, our workers will feel safe, valued, and have equal opportunities to develop and advance.

Commitments and Memberships / Compromisos y membresías / Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management / Preparación ante emergencias y manejo de crisis

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

For a mining company, an emergency or crisis can stem from operational incidents such as a spill or from external events such as an earthquake, pandemic, or social unrest. Companies must be able to effectively respond to such events if they are to prevent harm to workers, communities and/or the environment.

Failure to do so can affect a company’s ability to operate by leading to loss of social acceptance, project delays, or reputational damage. Within the industry there is also an expectation that companies will work with local communities to improve their understanding of potential risks from mining activities and align emergency response plans.

For Pan American Silver, emergency preparedness and crisis management are critical components of our approach to business continuity and link directly to social acceptance. We are responsible for managing our impacts on our workforce, local communities, and the environment. We are also responsible for managing the impacts of external events on our operations and workers. Our ability to quickly, effectively, and appropriately manage a major incident also translates directly into respecting the rights and wellbeing of stakeholders affected by an incident.