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  • Sustainability Report

    Sustainability Report

    Pan American’s fifth annual sustainability report was prepared in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability framework and showcases our work in Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, the United States and Canada to build socio-economic opportunities for our stakeholders and to set an example through environmental stewardship. Click here to read more… read more

  • Annual Report

    Annual Report

    2013 was a very challenging year for the silver mining industry. After a strong start in the first quarter, metal prices tumbled, margins shrunk and mining companies had to rapidly react to a new, drastically lower metal prices environment. Our 2013 Annual Report, contains our audited financial results and a discussion by our executive team on our strategy which allowed us to achieve record silver and gold production, to reengineer our business and to maintain our position as a leader in the silver mining industry with a solid financial position and strong organic growth prospects… read more

  • Latest Presentation

    Latest Presentation

    Click here to view our most current corporate presentation.